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Imaging El Paso

Welcome to Imaging El Paso, home of El Paso’s Premier Mammography System. Our imaging center is committed to bringing our patients and their doctors the extraordinary care they deserve, both personal and technological.


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At Imaging El Paso, we are dedicated to the diagnosis and detection of women's health disorders. We focus on diseases and complications such as breast cancer, osteoperosis, cysts, and many other tissue related ailments. We take great pride in each and every exam we do. At our health center, we specialize in the fields of digital mammography, bone density testing, ultrasounds, vascular studies, hysterosalpinograms, biopsies and more.  If you would like more information, please contact us or visit the rest of our website to learn how we can assist you.



See the Benefits of Choosing Imaging El Paso for your Patients.

sensorImaging El Paso is the right choice for you because we're dedicated not just to imaging, but to patient care, complete patient care. We go the extra mile to ensure your patient is comfortable. Not only are we proficient in our technique but also in reporting to you and following up with your patient. Our Radiologists are always available to discuss your questions and concerns.


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